Human Resource Solutions

Organizations of all sizes will benefit from the Human Resource solutions and support provided by the PEO’s we represent. You too will appreciate the support and advice at all levels and having a professional team of HR experts at your disposal. Regulatory Compliance laws can be very complicated, confusing and constantly changing. Outsourcing HR through a PEO helps you stay current with industry standards and changes. Also keeping in tune with rules and regulations in areas such as wage and hour laws, hiring and firing practices, etc., helps your business stay ahead of the game. Some key services include:

  • Employee on-boarding systems that assist with the collection of all necessary tax documents and employment verification, e-Verify (as required)
  • Managing unemployment claims and having an HR expert to consult as issues arise
  • Responding to unemployment claims; attending hearings when applicable
  • Assistance with the creation of company handbooks and company policies
  • Valuable insight and consulting on human resource issues such as layoffs, terminations, disciplinary actions and employee documentation.
  • Pre-employment criminal background checks and MVR checks are available
  • See HR Bridge under Additional Services for more in-depth HR support

The PEO’s HR assistance allows your administrative employees to be more productive and focus more on the success of your business. Optimizing the performance and agility of employees empowers organizations to gain a powerful competitive edge.

Research has revealed that traditional human resource management systems are just not agile enough to cope with and support the stringent requirements of HR functions in today’s competitive markets. Increased global competition and the digital revolution have placed an enormous amount of pressure on Human Resource departments to come up with better ways to support the business objectives in organizations of the future.

HRO can provide very real benefits/services for any type or size of business that will have an actual impact on the bottom line of your organization. Some of the most important benefits of HRO include:

Saving Money

Instead of hiring more employees to fulfill the multiple tasks in HR, PEO’s are a cost effective way to efficiently take care of many of your HR activities. The larger your organization, the more you save.

Smooth Operations

One of the key reasons for outsourcing the Human Resource Administration process is that your business will continue to run smoothly even when it suddenly faces an unexpected influx of information or tasks that need to be processed. During these times your employees can focus on tasks that increase the success and profitability of the company rather than being bogged down with transactional HR activities.

Avoiding Turnover Problems

HRO reduces the risks involved in turnover troubles such as the payroll being halted for a period of time, or benefits administration suffering a standstill.  HR outsourcing is an effective way to ensure that the core functions of the business keep running smoothly even if you unexpectedly lose a few employees.

Avoid High Overhead Costs

Overhead costs such as new equipment, expensive HR software, and monthly maintenance fees can send your company’s overhead soaring upwards. HRO helps you avoid high overhead costs by sending costly tasks to the PEO firm to handle more cost effectively.

These are just a few of the many great benefits Roc-co Consultants can provide by aligning you with the right PEO, which will save your company money, avoid high expenses, assist with adding new functions, or anything else HR-related. Let Roc-co Consultants provide your organization with the Human Resource Administration and Management needed to make your company more successful and competitive.

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