Additional Services

In many instances, companies are well served using the standard services platform provided by a PEO. Due to complexities, number of employees, unique challenges, or other issues, some companies may need more in-depth programs, beyond the standard services. There is no reason to add extra bells and whistles that increase costs, if those services are not necessary. Roc-co. Consultants likes to work with PEO’s that offer additional services a la carte that can be added as the needs arise. This is much more cost effective for your company and avoids duplication.

Some of these services or programs that are available follow:

  • Employment Practices Liability (EPLI, 2 Million)
  • Employee Life Insurance
  • Time & Attendance Solutions
  • Email & Handbook Analysis
  • Health Benefits with 1000’s of options
  • Individual/Family Health benefits private market place
  • TeleDoc 24/7 phone access to doctors/pediatricians
  • Commercial insurance solutions (Work Comp, GL, Umbrella/Excess, Auto, Contractors equipment, Bonding, Cyber Liability)
  • HR Bridge- Ultimate HR Support

When you choose to add HR Bridge to your services, you will receive the following:

  • Unlimited Consulting
  • HR Audit to identify compliance gaps in your business which allows you to conduct a monthly meeting to execute strategic plan
  • Full access to an industry-leading online portal loaded with comprehensive HR tools and resources
  • Free quarterly Harassment Prevention Training designed specifically for supervisors
  • Complete learning center that includes articles, webcasts, On-Demand Training and more
  • HR-Mobile App provides you smart phone access to the content of the HR support center
  • Receive HR Snapshot, which is the latest in HR trends and topics in easy-to-read terms, right in your email inbox
  • Unlimited phone support to walk you through the most complicated situations, state-by-state
  • Compliance audit on existing handbook
  • Access to HR related Federal and State laws
  • Access to custom job descriptions and HR documents ready to be tailored to your organization

We will help match you with a PEO partner that will be able to tailor services to meet your particular needs.

Roc-co. Consultants services companies in several areas in the state of Texas, such as Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin.  Contact us now by calling 936.522.6097 or online using the contact us form.